Saturday, June 30, 2007

Melle Melle Mukhapadam...

Hey Friends!!

It is quite some time since I have been to the blog world...hope you all are doing great...

Let me present to you, a beautiful malayalam melody 'Melle Melle Mukhapadam' from the movie 'Oru Minnaminunginte Nurungu Vettam' (1987). The song was penned by O.N.V Kurup and the music was composed by Johnson.

Johnson is one of the prominent music directors of South India, who has contributed lots of evergreen melodies to malayalam music mostly during the 80s and 90s. He has contributed more as a composer of film scores for many south indian movies. Padmarajan's 'Namukku Paarkkaan Mundhirithoppukal' is the first movie which comes to my mind. His music score in the movie was so haunting and so is 'Koodevide'. They are my very favourites.

Johnson's enchanting music has added good amount of emotions to both Padmarajan's and Bharathan's movies. Padmarajan's Koodevide, Namukku Paarkkaan Mundhirithoppukal and Bharathan's Kaattathe Kilikkoodu, Ormakkai, Paalangal, Chamayam etc. are some of the examples.

Among his compositions, 'Ente Manveenayil' from 'Naeram Pularumbol' and 'Nee Nirayoo Jevanil' from 'Premageethangal' are my most favourites.

A chip off the old 'Gold' block of Malayalam Music Directors, Johnson's creations are still sort after even among young music lovers. Let's hope that he contributes more and more soulful melodies like this in the future as well.

Please listen to my version of 'Melle Melle' and give your comments.

Download Melle Melle Mukhapadam

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kannae Kalaimane

Presenting a tamil song...a drop from Isaignani Ilayaraja's ocean of tunes...a lullaby from Moondram Pirai...beautifully sung by Yesudas...

Please listen to my version and give your comments

Download Kannae Kalaimane

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Thenum Vayambum - A Tribute to Raveendran Maash

Raveendran (Kulathupuzhu Ravi) – one of the geniuses Malayalam Film Music has ever witnessed. Raveendran dominated Malayalam music world during the 80s and 90s, with many unforgettable melodies and semi-classical songs in which, most of them were evergreen hits. His contribution to Malayalam music is immeasurable. I would say he is one of the very few music directors who have made semi-classical songs familiar to normal music listeners. ‘Pramadavanam’, ‘Ezhu Swarangalum’, ‘Rama Kadha’ etc. are some examples.

Raveendran started his career as a playback singer in the 70s and evolved as a one of the foremost music directors of south India. He has composed about 1500 songs, which includes 450 films and several other light music and devotional albums. ‘Maamaangam’, ‘Valampiri sankhil’ etc. are some of my personal favorites.

Right from ‘Thaarake’ (Choola) to ‘Gange’ (Vadakkumnathan), majority of his songs was sung by Yesudas. Malayalam music is really fortunate to have such a great combination, offering hit after hit for more than 2 decades.

With ‘Thenum Vayambum’ (1981), Raveendran made his mark in the Malayalam film world. ‘Thenum Vayambum’ and ‘Ottakkambi Naadam’ are still sought-after numbers for malayalees. The lyrics were penned by Bichu Thirumala and the song was sung by Yesudas. Like every other composition of his, Raveendran made sure the flute and violins play prominent roles in this song as well.

I present this song as a tribute to Raveendran Maash – The Legend and I am really fortunate to have associated with him, even though for a very short period.

Thenum Vayambum used to be my starting song for almost every stage show in Dubai. My friends call it 'Yasir's National Anthem'! :))

Hope you enjoy this song :)

Recorded & Mixed: Ratheesh Roy, Whiz Media Studio, Dubai.

Download Thenum Vayambum

Monday, March 5, 2007

Aathmavil muttivilichathu pole...

Dear Friends,

The next song I present before you is 'Aathmaavil muttivilichathu pole' from the movie 'Aaranyakam', released in the year 1988.
The music score was done by Pandit Raghunath Seth for the beautiful poetic lines of ONV Kurup. K.J. Yesudas' soulful rendition gave more life and sweetness to this song.

Pandit Raghunath Seth is one of the versatile Bansuri masters, who has composed music for over two thousand documentary films, TV serials and hindi movies. Malayalam music industry was fortunate to have him composed music for Hariharan's Aaranyakam. Hariharan's movies have brought music directors like Ravi Bombay, who has made a mark of his own in malayalam music. Panchagni, Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha, Sargam, Ghazal etc. are some of his best examples.

My version of this song was recorded for a program called 'Ninavu' on Kairali TV. Ninavu is a collection of some beautiful off-beat malayalam songs, which were released during 70s, 80s and 90s. It is telecasted on every wednesday at 10PM (UAE Time).

I hope you enjoy this song. Happy Listening!

Download Aathmavil muttivilichathu pole

Etho Nidrathan...

Hello Friends!

I present before you my first song 'Etho Nidrathan' from the movie 'Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu'.

One of the many hit compositions of late music director Ravindran, lyrics penned by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri and originally sung by K.J. Yesudas.
My version of the song was recorded live, more than 3 years back, for a program in Asianet called Sangeetha Sagaram. I had this opportunity to sing few songs in Ravindran maash's episode, where he was interviewed.This song takes me back to those days of anxiety and excitement, when i met this maestro and performed with him on several stages afterwards.

Having several classical hitches in my version of this song, i hope you would bear with me and enjoy this song.

Download Etho Nidrathan